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Other products of Zarin Taba Company are candies and flaky candies which are sugar-free or low calorie. This product is a type of candy that is friendly to the teeth due to the elements used. Zarin Taba sugar free candy has attracted a large number of consumers. This candy has a sweet and pleasant taste and is very useful for patients who are struggling with diabetes. Its usefulness is usually due to the presence of an element called isomalt, which replaces sugar.

آبنبات بدون شکر شمیم
shamim 130 grams sugar free candy

In the following, we will describe in detail the properties of isomalt and the elements used in this product, which is full of advantages.

The benefits of Shamim sugar-free candy and flaky candy 

Sugar free candy flaky shamim

First and important is Sugar-free property

The first and most effective advantage of sugar-free candies and flaky candies is that they are sugar-free. This candy does not act like sugar in the body after consumption, and this makes it low in calories and useful for diabetics. 

sugar free shamim sugar free

The reason this product is sugar-free is the use of a raw material called isomalt. The reason why this product is sugar-free is the use of a raw material called isomalt. Isomalt is a good substitute for sugar. In the food industry, it is known as alcoholic sugar. Isomalt is used in more than 600 foods and its 100% (حلال)

It should also be noted that the isomalt is approved by the World Health Organization, the W.H.O, and the FDA.

Isomalt is also approved by the World Health Organization and approved by countries such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, the European Union, and New Zealand.Isomalt due to its many properties. Widely used in industries. Its general consumption is in the field of the food industry.

After receiving approvals from the Iranian Nutrition Institute, Isomalt was able to enter the Iranian food industry market. 

Zarrin Taba Company according to the market demand and needs. To help diabetics and reduce the consumption of simple sugars. Zarin Taba made great efforts in combining flavors and other elements in order to be able to offer outstanding and desirable products over the market demand.

 In order to provide good quality to dear customers Zarin Taba observing the production producers, we try as best as can to update the standards and expand the health line to have a wider environment of standards related to the food industry.

Sugar-free Candy and flaky candies are a miracle for diabetics. This candy has no effect on blood sugar and does not cause high blood sugar, problems, and difficulties after consuming sugar in people. According to studies, isomalt does not stimulate the pancreas and does not cause the body to secrete insulin.

Sugar-free Shamim Candy and flaky candies are tooth friend

This product is tooth-friendly and will not cause tooth decay. As we mentioned up isomalt is the main ingredient of this product, it does not increase oral acidity and is also suitable for children.

A friend with Your Slimming Diet

Zarin Taba sugar-free candies have 2 kcal per gram1, which is half the rate of sugar.

Laxative properties

Isomalt along with all the advantages it has. It also has an advantage or disadvantage. 

The overuse of This product maybe affect your digestion and that creates its laxative properties in the body.

This product is not contraindicated due to its uses. But if you are sensitive to the ingredients of this product. Please consult your doctor before use.

Product raw materials

Isomalt, citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), potassium acesulfame, flavoring, drinking water.

All kinds of flavors produced

Coffee – Raspberry – Cinnamon – Cherry – Orange – Lemon – Honey – Strawberry – Sour Apple

sugar free candy shamim
Sugar free candy shamim- Zarin Taba
sugar free candy flavorings from Zarin Taba

in addition, It should be noted that this sugar-free product has never been free of calories and can be said to have very few calories.


1- Taken from the article Position of the American Dietetic Association Article link

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