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فهرست مطالب

Zarrin Taba mouth freshener tablets is one of the most widely used and popular products in Iran. This product makes the mouth fresh and fragrant. And as you consume this product It does not have much effect on your blood sugar or calories. This product has a variety of uses, such as use before aerobic exercise to help you breathe better or freshen your mouth after smoking and providing your body with vitamin C. Following the introduction of this product; In general, we will mention the benefits and uses of this product. Please check out below. 

قرص خوشبو کننده دهان زرین تابا
قرص خوشبو کننده دهان زرین تابا

Advantages of mouth freshener tablets

With Mouth freshener tablets, have a Cold breath 

Cool the breath and create a fresh and vibrant feeling. This tablet contains a natural extract of eucalyptus that has both quasi-medicinal properties and cool breath properties. 

Apart from all the above, eucalyptus also has many benefits like: silence a cough, help cleaning chest, breath easy, freshen breath and so many more.

Supply of vitamin C with

vitamin c is a vital for immune system

Vitamin C is one of the most widely used vitamins in the world. Used to prevent diseases such as cancer. Vitamin C belongs to the family of antioxidants and According to research, people who smoke should consume more of this type of vitamin. In this Zarin Taba product, there is a desirable amount of vitamin C that meets your body’s need for vitamin C.

Uses of this product

Common use of this product is to freshen the mouth

Supply of vitamin C

Nasal obstruction opener

Refresh the mouth

License number related to this product from IFDA ( Iran Food and Drug Administration ) 


Zarin Taba Company is one of the first companies producing products such as cold candy and sugar-free products in Iran. Which has been able to meet a significant share of consumer demand.

This product is produced by different flavors. Under the brand name of Shamim.

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