شرکت زرین تابا

Zarin Taba Food industries co

ZarinTaba food industries group was established with immediate permission from the Ministry of industry, mine, and Trade for different candies production in 1995.


The unit was completed and the first products were produced in 1998. in our company policy, research, and development activities have a valuable place. “ COLD CANDY  “ is the outcome of the aforementioned activities. this product was produced with the cooperation of experts from the university and it has a production permit from the Iran ministry of health.

The identical product in the world market is “VICKS” but we believe our “COLD CANDY” is better than similar.


a few years later and after a long time investigation, our second product named “SUGAR-FREE CANDY” was produced. It is useful for diabetic patients and its consumption has been recommended by F.D.A and W.H.O.

we believe, we still have a long way to in forward and we welcome all comments and suggestions from our valuable customers and experts to improve our products and services quality.